Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day we got invited to the lake!! It was awesome!  We got to ride on a boat, eat lunch at pirate island, and go tubing.  I did fall off the tube and into the water one time with daddy.  I was a little scared but had my life jacket on.  After I got over it and realized it was ok, I got back in the tube.  So fun!  A big thanks to the Lombardo's for having us.

Me and my friends on the boat

Me and daddy tubing

Double tubing with friends.  I am the one with the green puddle jumper on in the yellow tub.  We had to have an adult to ride on the gray/blue tube.

The  Lombardo's also had us over a few weeks ago for outdoor movie night.  We went last year and watched Tangled. This year we watched Despicable Me. So fun! After the movie, they turned on some music and we had a dance party. The police ended up showing up.  I thought they came to fix the music, but mommy said it was because we were too loud. All the adults thought it was hilarious that the cops showed up to a little kids party. Here are just a couple of clips from the party. 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pawpaw's Birthday

Happy Birthday Pawpaw!!!  We had a great day celebrating!  We went to Oak Mountain and fished and played.  We did catch a few fish, but none big enough to take home.  We then went and ate Mexican for dinner. Yummy!  I had a blast!

Me and Pawpaw

They brought Pawpaw a special drink for his birthday.  He said it wasn't very good, but it made him even more funny than usual afterwards.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day of school and end of the year program

Can't believe school is out for the summer.  I am actually one of the few people that is sad about this.  I absolutely loved school this year.  My teacher was amazing and I had a wonderful classmates.  My parents are friends with several of the parents of the friends in my class.  My mom actually took care of 2 of the kids when they were born and my dad took care of the parents of another friend in my class when they had to have surgery.  My mom is a little sad that we all may be split up next year, but what a great way to start school off.  Here is a picture of my first and last day of school so you can see how much I have grown over the year.

Last day of school

First day of school

The day after the last day of school, we had our end of the year program and I got to see everyone one last time.

Me and Mrs. Bree.  Maybe I will see her on the playground next year.
Me and a few of my friends

Here are a couple of videos from the program

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dance Recital

I love dance class and I really look forward to the recital each year.  I love being on the big stage. I kept asking mom when I can get up on the stage and dance by myself.  She said that maybe I could in a few years if I keep dancing.  Right now I am planning on continuing to dance for a long time.

Here is me in my tap costume. 

Here is the video of my tap dance

Here is a video of my ballet dance.  Mommy had a hard time getting a good view.

My cousins came and supported me.  Thanks Kacie and Jordan, love you! My grandparents, great aunt,  and parents' friends also came, so I had a huge fan section.

Me and my dance teacher Mrs. Beth.  I absolutely love her.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Easter is always fun.  Love the easter egg hunts, food, and family.  We had a great time this year!

Showing off all the eggs I found

Quick video of me hunting some eggs.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Beach Trip!

I got to go on a "girls trip" to the beach. We went and stayed at Mrs. Emily's family's beach house in Saint George Island, Florida. It was wonderful! The weather was perfect. There was a big group of girls from Emily's family also staying there. There was a total of 9 girls and Mr. Essig. We had an absolute blast!

Baby Ellie enjoying my chair

We really didn't cooperate too much for pictures. We wouldn't both look at the camera and smile and the same time.

When the mommies joined in, we really wouldn't look at the camera

Ellie's little bitty feet in the sand. So cute!!

"Surfing" with Mr. Essig

Making sand angels with Kate

Not sure what I am doing here


Some of us went crab hunting one night. It was fun, but I was scared of some of the bigger crabs.

Dance Observation

Mommy got to go to my dance class and see how much we have learned. We also got our costumes, which I love!

Our ballet costume

Me and my friends Ella, Claire, and Caroline

Here are a couple of videos of what I know so far of my dance.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney Day 1

Disney was amazing!!!! Here is the day by day details of my trip. Lolli and Pop, thank you so much for this wonderful and memorable experience! Love you! Mommy said she still hasn't gotten the pictures that Lolli took and may add some to these later, so check back to see if any of these post are updated with more pics. Oh and she said to excuse some of the quality of the pics that were taken with her phone.


Me and Mommy taking a picture of Mickey in our hotel

I was so excited when we arrived

After waking up from my nap, we went straight to the Magic Kingdom to see Cinderella's Castle!

Me pointing out the castle to Daddy

The beautiful castle!

Me and Daddy in front of the Castle

The first ride we went on was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party tea cups. I had fun, Mommy got a little dizzy.

We also had to go on the classic, It's a Small World

Me and Mommy got our picture taken inside of Cinderella's Castle

I also got to meet my first princess and get my first autograph in my book. It was of course my favorite, Rapunzel!!!

They did a neat light show on the castle

We had a great first day and finished it with the incredible fireworks show!

I was exhausted

Disney Day 2- Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios on the 2nd day. It was a little cold that day, which I am sure people who go there in the crazy heat of the summer would not be happy about me complaining about the cold. We had a great time. Mommy and Daddy said that may have been their favorite of the the parks.

Me and the guys in front of the Universal ball

I got to meet Dora and Diego

and Curious George. We also went to his town. There was a great Woody Woodpecker kids roller coaster in this area too. I think I rode it 3 or 4 times. We also rode the E.T. ride, which scared me a little bit.

Loved Dr. Seuss world and all the rides there.


We all loved the Harry Potter section and got some yummy fudge there. Mommy and Brent went on the big roller coaster and said it was great.

Hogwarts Castle was so neat!

In front of the Simpson's ride

Mommy, Daddy, Lolli, and Brent rode some other big rides and said that The Mummy and The Simpson's rides were great. I stayed and played with Pop. We also all saw the Shrek 4-D movie which was funny and the Twister ride which was a little scary but neat. Fun day!