Monday, August 24, 2009

Finally an update!

Here finally is an update. Our computer was broken and then the blog wasn't working right so we haven't been able to update. Everything has been going well, except I have fallen and skinned my knees twice but I am a big girl and am learning how to shake it off. I have been having some GI issues and therefore a little clingy. My lactose intolerance is becoming more obvious. Mommy and Daddy are just have to watch everything I eat. Mommy tried to take me to the nursery while she worked out the other day, but they ended up having to go get her out of class because I was too upset. Sorry Mommy, at least you know I love you. The next day we tried to go to a music class, but I was scared Mommy was going to leave me so she had to sit down with me a little while and explaining to me that she wasn't leaving me. I then enjoyed the class but the music wasn't quite up-beat enough for me. I need some really dance music, not just those sing alongs. Speaking of dance. Today I got up and dance at the restaurant and tried to get Lillian to dance with me. It was a fun lunch with the girls and Grandma.
"Come on Lillian, let's dance!"
Sunday we went out to Oak Mountain. So much fun at the petting zoo, but I got a little tired hiking to Peavine Falls and fussed on the way back. Thanks for coming with us Uncle Wally.

Walking with Uncle Wally

Last Sunday we went to a tea for Jenna Bowser, My mom's friend at work daughter who she has become friends with. I had a lot of fun at the shower even though my tummy was bothering me. Just wish I would have gotten a picture with Jenna. Congrats on the upcoming wedding Jenna!

Me and Ella at the Tea. A friend on mom's from work granddaughter. We weren't really cooperating for a picture.

Loving the chocolate covered grapes

Playing in the basketball court. Trying to keep me from being to girly

Mom wanted me to try on my new winter coat, and I decided to add dad's shoes to complete the outfit.

I have really gotten into coloring lately. Mommy thought it was funny that I was lying there coloring like a teenager would be studying.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well, I know it has been a little while. Hmmm.... where to start? A couple of weeks ago I went to Kearstyn's 3rd Birthday Party at Jump Zone. I had a blast. I was a little unsure of all the inflatables at first but then loved it. The Moon walk was so cool even though I had a little trouble standing up. Mommy went down the big slide with me, which was a little scary, but oh so fun!

Also Mommy's roommate from collage "Auntie Em" came in town that weekend. We all went out to eat and then went to my house and played. She needs to come visit more often.

I have to say that my Dad is so happy because I am now saying "Roll Tide" all the time, just in time for Football season. However, I did something Sunday that didn't make my Daddy very happy. My Mom worked Saturday night and then went to breakfast with some friends afterwards Sunday morning so was a little late getting home. As she was on her way home she got a surprise phone call from Daddy. He let her know that I had locked him out of the house. He had gone into the basement to throw something away and I shut the door behind him and locked him in the basement. He luckily had his cell phone in his pocket and Mommy was almost home. Me and Dakota had the run of the house for about 10 minutes. I stood on the other side of the door knocking, saying Daddy, and laughing. Mommy thought all in all it was pretty hilarious, but she said we have to go this week to get some child safety door knob covers so it doesn't happen again. We will see about that!

In the moon walk
Riding down the big slide

Lillian feeding me for a change at the party

I thought this ball floating in the air was neat

Oh, I forgot to mention my new electric toothbrush. I love to brush my teeth even more with it and it has Dora and Boots on it which make it so cool!

Me and Auntie Em, wasn't much in the picture taking mood though.