Thursday, September 25, 2008

It has kinda been a little crazy around here. Friday, Mom had to work so Daddy and me hand some quality time together. Mom was suppose to work again Saturday, but wasn't feeling well and got to stay home. Poor Mommy was still sick Sunday but had to work that night and stay over for some sorda meeting the next day while I played at Grandma's. After lunch I had a Doctor's appointment that Mom and Dad took me to. I had to get the flu shot, Mom said it was so I wouldn't get sick but I didn't like it. I now weigh 18lb 11oz and I am 28in long. That puts me in the 45th percentile for weight and 65th for height. Not the giant I was at my 6 month appointment, ha ha. Then we went home, Mommy still had not gone to bed since the day before. She wasn't able to get much sleep though because she was feeling so bad. My grandmother ended up taking off work Tuesday to keep me so my mommy could get some rest and recover. I was sad because my mommy said she couldn't be around me too much or give me kisses because she didn't want to get me sick. She started feeling better Wednesday and didn't have a fever any longer so she took me to my grandparents while she went back to work. I will stay there a little longer then usual Thursday evening so my dad can study while mom goes to a baby shower. The shower is for her friend at work who is having a little girl, yay! I got to help pick out some of her presents. Can't wait to meet you Laci!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy nine month birthday to me. I am feeling better today, but yesterday I did not feel so good. I stayed at my grandparents house Monday night while my mom was at work. When she got home Tuesday morning she thought I felt hot but didn't think too much about it since Pawpaw had me outside waiting on her to get home. When Mommy got up from a nap, Grandma told her she thought I wasn't feeling well and felt awfully warm. I slept the majority of the day. Mommy took my temperture when we got home and it was 101.2. Mom and Dad gave me some tylenol, a bath, and loved on me all night. Mom and Dad think that it may just be me getting my top teeth in, one has finally broken through. I feel much better today, but Mommy has still been giving me tylenol for the pain. Getting teeth is no fun. I guess all this may be why I wasn't sleeping good last week.

I go back to the doctor monday for my nine month check-up, so check back and see how much I have grown.

Friday, September 12, 2008

With all the stress around here I haven't been sleeping too well. Mommy said that my sleep pattern is making me a grumpy baby and her a grumpy mommy. Hopefully I will get back on track soon.

I really want to walk so bad and have been cruising around on all the furniture. Crawling is still not for me, walking just seems like more fun. I will crawl to get a toy or something, but not as a way to get around.

Can't wait for the game tomorrow at Uncle Wally's. Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!

Yum, this book is so good
Like my headband?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This was a very sad week. Brutus still hasn't come home, and Friday my grandparents dog Chloe went to doggy heaven. We will miss her very much. Maybe she is watching over Brutus and will bring him home safe.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am very sad today:(. My dog Brutus got out yesterday, and we haven't been able to find him. I hope he comes home soon.