Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rich and Suzanna's Wedding!!

This past weekend we went to Dallas, TX for my cousin's wedding. I of course loved riding on the airplane again and seeing all of my extended family. Everything for the wedding was just perfect! The rehearsal dinner was amazing. If you would have seen the kid's meal you would have known how wonderful the regualar meal must have been. I actually got to stay in the church and watch the wedding (one of my parents usually stay outside with me because I tend to talk a lot). I was very quiet and they said that I may be able to stay and watch more wedding if I can keep it up. The reception was lovely. The cake may have been the best cake I have ever had. Eventhough everything was spectacular, the dancing was still probably what I looked forward to the most! Love you guys! Congrats!!!

Me and Alex at the rehearsal dinner

Me and Alex waiting for the wedding to start. (Can you tell we became good buds on this trip?)

Me, Hannah, and Sarah. Poor Hannah had broken her hand during cheerleading last week. Love these girls!

The Beautiful bride and groom about to cut the cake.

I think Rich realized how good it was in this picture.

And of course the dancing! I think I was the only one on the dance floor for a minute,

but I didn't care!

Pawpaw had to come out with me.

Then everyone else joined in. It was a blast! I stayed up till almost midnight and was still ready to go some more. What a fun night!

Here are a couple videos:

Here is some of us the next day. We don't look too exhausted.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dance Costumes and Observation

Last week Mommy got to come in my dance class and watch me dance! We also got our costumes and tried them on. Mommy absolutely loves my ballet costume. What do you think?