Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 95th Birthday Great Grandmother "Memaw"

This past weekend we went to New Orleans for my great grandmother's birthday. She turned 95!!!! We had so much fun with everyone. All my great aunts and uncles on Pawpaw's side were there and several of my cousins. I had a great time playing with Alex and Sarah. We did miss Russ, Cammy, Parker and Hannah and hope Cammy is feeling better. I really hope everyone can get together again soon!
Memaw and her children
Opening presents!

Memaw enjoying everyone singing the Happy Birthday song

While we were there, we went out to the lake front. I said it was a big bath tub.Trying to make my break!

Sarah playing with my long hair.

My new favorite toy. I love pushing my baby in her stroller and she also has a swing too! I told mom that I was a new mommy!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lillian's Birthday and Spring Break week!

This is kinda a late post, but a couple of weeks of go was Lillian's Birthday Party. It was so much fun. There was bubbles, sidewalk chalk, rides in a wagon, and an awesome I-Phone cake! Happy Belated Birthday Lillian!

Riding in the wagon with Tabitha

Me, Tabitha, and Lillian playing with the bubbles.

I also was amused by the pretty glitter on the table.

So, this is spring break week. Mommy and Mrs. Britney decided to take us for Ice Cream at Yogurt Mountain! It was supper yummy!

Lolli had a few days off this week too, so we got to go to lunch Thursday. We got some delicious milkshakes! I am also getting to spend today with Lolli and Pop, while Mommy gets some things done and gets some rest before work.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hat Pictures!

A couple of weekends ago the fabulous Mrs. Lyndsey took some pictures of me wearing some hats one of her friends made. After warming up a little, I had a blast being a "little princess" getting my picture taken. She thought it was funny that I would call myself a princess when wearing a dress and then when I changed into an outfit I said I wasn't a princess anymore, I was just cute. I just love Mrs. Lyndsey she is so sweet and fun. I actually wanted to leave with her, so she took me on a short ride around the parking lot. She said she would keep me one night, so my parents can have a date night. Sounds like a fun night to me! Thanks again for the pictures. For all of you looking for someone to take pictures please check out her website

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sorry it has been awhile since posting. Not too much going on around here. I am so ready for it to get warm so we can get out more. The snow was fun, but I am ready for some sunshine.
I still like going shopping especially with Lillian! We like to ride in the buggy together! I of course still love to sing and dance. I am excited American Idol has started back, but still think they should let 2 year olds try out.

Maggie and Sophie turned 2 and we had a birthday party for them last Saturday. I had a blast with all the dogs. There were 6 dogs total at the party! Would not have been the best place to be if you are scared of dogs, but luckily I am not.

I really like pockets and found they keep your hands nice and warm. I am also becoming very picky about my outfits and like to pick out my own clothes.

Found something really funny!

Mommy has been making me try some new hairstyles. I don't really like my hair being messed with or even brushed for that matter but Mommy said I need to get use to it (being a girl and all).

Mommy decided the high pigtails aren't really my look, but the lower ones are ok. She said my hair was a little too long even after getting it cut and all.

She decided tucking my hair in kinda like "Princess Leia" was a little better.

A couple of weeks ago we did get out and go to Kids gym. I had fun on the trampoline and bars.