Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mommy and Daddy went on a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends the weekend before Thanksgiving. I stayed with E-Maw and Pawpaw. I had fun with them, but missed my parents. I am glad they had a nice weekend away though. Here are some pictures from their trip.

The cabin was already decorated for Christmas!

View from the back deck of the cabin

They went to the aquarium while they were there. I must say, I am a little jealous. Isn't this Sea Dragon beautiful!

I think the penguins were everyone's favorites.


A couple of weeks ago we went to a Kindermusik class with Mrs. Holly, Mrs. Mary, Gavin, Laci, and Addison. They class was great and I loved getting to see everyone. We went to eat lunch at Chick-fil-A afterwards and play in the play area. Me and Gavin pretended to be Mommy and Daddy and Addison was our baby, not sure that Daddy really cared for that too much. Can't wait to get together again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mommy's Disney on Ice Birthday

Mommy had the best birthday ever!!!! We went to Disney on Ice! It was excellent! Eventhough the show was mostly about princesses, I think I may have liked seeing Mickey and Minnie the best. Before the show, I said that Mickey was about to come out. Mommy said she wasn't sure if Mickey would be there since it was a princess show. When Mickey did come out I yelled, "Mommy, I told you I told you!" I just loved it. What a great birthday! I can't wait for my birthday next month!

Me in my princess outfit. My hair was still wet from my bath.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Showing off my dance skills! (lots of videos)

Today Mommy got to come watch me in dance class. She was really impressed with everything I have learned in 2 months. I love dance class and can't wait for my recital in a few months.

Demonstrating my flamingo stance

Here are several videos so that you can see me action. I still get my left and right confused at times, but am getting better at it. In one of the tap videos I get a little excited about the air guitar and forget to do anything else. Oh well, all things I can improve on. All in all I think I am doing really well for only being 2.

Halloween x 3!

Halloween was very busy and fun! We started off the festivities with my dance class Halloween party on Thursday.

I couldn't believe that Stawberry Shortcake was at the party!

We had some yummy food!

This was the best class picture my Mommy could get.

Saturday, I got to go trick or treating. We started off with a trial run at Lolli and Pop's. I had a great time as long as the houses didn't have too many scary decorations.

Trick or treating was fun, but I still like giving out the candy better.

I also enjoyed playing and coloring with Kimberly

By the end of the night I decided to join a new family. I like the idea of having a big brother. Mommy said not to get my hopes up though, apparently you can't have a big brother when you are born first.

Sunday night we went to E-maw and Pawpaw's for their annual Halloween party. I had a wonderful time, but still not so sure about all the decorations. I love seeing Cassi and Kara!
We didn't all want to pose for a picture or smile at the same time.

Isn't Kara a cutie!

It was a Lost theme for Mommy and Mommy and Daddy's friends. Mommy is suppose to be Kate and Emily is suppose to be Juliet, their costumes are a little harder for tell.

I wanted to join in for a picture. I don't see why Tinkerbell can't make a visit to the Lost island.