Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday E-Maw!!!!

Last Thursday was E-Maw's Birthday and oh do I love Birthdays!!! Me and Mommy spent the day with E-Maw just hanging out and having fun! We started out the day having breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe, yummy! Then went shopping, which is always fun. We ended the day with dinner at Cocina Superior with everyone! Hope you had a wonderful day E-Maw, I love you!
Ohhh that sure does look good!

Shopping for some outdoor decor for E-Maw's house.

Then on to the toy store!

Enjoying dinner with Pawpaw

The dessert was awesome, and Pawpaw is so silly


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Better Beach Pictures!

Here are some of the pictures Josh took at the beach. Aren't they fabulous!?!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Beach Trip!

We went to Panama City for the 4th of July weekend. This was my first trip to the beach. No one was sure how I was going to like the beach, considering I am a little OCD and don't like being dirty. To everyone's surprise, I LOVED the beach and sand! I even loved going in the water and jumping the waves. Me and Mommy would build sand castles, and me and Daddy would play in the ocean. It was fun to see our friends at the beach too, and they also played with me. Wally stayed with us and rode down with us. He is one of my best buddies and I was so happy to spend the weekend with him. His sister and her husband stayed with us Sunday night, they were fun too. We watched the fire works from our condo balcony and I was just in awe. I had actually fallen asleep before the show, but woke when I heard them. Oh boy was I glad I did, I love the fire works or star crackers as I call them. I asked where they went the next morning and told them bye before leaving the beach. Mommy said I was excellent in the car, eventhough I didn't even sleep a wink on the way down. Not only was a good in the car, but the whole trip. I only had a few little melt downs (like when I got water up my nose) and Mommy thought that was excellent for a long weekend with no naps and being in a new place. As a prize, we stopped and got pie and ice cream at Peach Park yummy!

These were a few of Mommy's attempt to get some nice pics at the beach. Josh also took some pictures (that I am sure are better) and we will post some of those soon!

This is from the night we got there. We had to go get a sneak peek as soon as we arrived.

They were sold out of beach view condos when we made our reservations, but we had a nice pond outside of ours.

Just playing in the sand!

My chair didn't get much use, there was too much other things to do. I also was a little scared when it would sink into the sand, because I thought I was falling.

Splashing in the waves

Playing at Alvin's Island

On our way to a different beach from Shelley's beach house. Thanks for letting me borrow the wagon for a ride.

Out in the ocean with the guys!

Playing with my soaps (one of my favorite things-look for a post coming soon).

Watching the star crackers!

Everyone thought I needed something to help me blend in with the crowd in Panama City!

* Note from Mommy- Don't worry this is just a temporary fake tattoo. Just a ridiculous joke. She loved the "sticker" on her back and I loved the fact that we had to roll her diaper down to see it!