Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun!

We have been having loads of fun this summer! I have lost count how many times we have gone to Alabama Adventure. I love going there this year because I am actually tall enough to ride some of the rides. My favorites are the kid roller coaster, the rafting ride, and the log ride. We also go to lunch with friends often, to the McWane center a couple of times, to the movies, and to several shows at the library. What a great summer this is turning out to be.

Me and Ellie in the front of the kid roller coaster.

Everyone in the bumper cars

Won't ride this one again, made me too dizzy.

Water park at Alabama Adventure

Digging at the McWane Center

Me, Gavin, and Addison dressing up

Me, Ellie, and Riley playing in the bubble area

The really fun big slide at McWane that I did about 100 times

Painting a masterpiece

Oh, and this is my newest hairstyle I like to wear. Kinda like Rapunzel

We went to Mommy's friend Kay's sister-in-law's house for some yummy gumbo. They have a little girl my age that is actually also named Brooklyn! We even found out that we have the same middle name Aver as well. Isn't that so funny! We had a great time over there. Too bad Mommy didn't get a picture of me and the other Brooklyn. :(

Me and Kay watching the kids jump on a trampoline

Me and Brooklyn's Mommy jumping, I was a little scared

Learning how to hula hoop

Just me and Dakota hanging out.

This is the beautiful picture my Mommy made at Sips and Strokes. It is going to go in my room!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all of those wonderful Daddies out there! And a special Happy Father's Day to my Daddy and my Grandfathers!

A couple of nights before father's day we went to eat with Lolli, Pop, Cooka and Brent. We went to one of those Japanese restaurants that cook in front of you, love it!

E-Maw was out of town, so we had to make father's day a little special for Pawpaw so he wouldn't miss her too much. We made homemade pizzas on the grill! Daddy use to work at a pizza place called Fox's Pizza, so he was the pro. We had a lot of fun!

Me and Daddy making a pizza

Daddy could really toss it!

Me and Pawpaw were better at just adding the toppings

The ultimate shrimp pizza

Regular cheese/pepperoni pizza

E-Maw came home the following Tuesday with a surprise.....CRABS! I thought it was hilarious watching them crawl around and be crazy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ellie is here!!!!

Baby Ellie is finally here! I have been asking for months if she was out of Mrs. Emily's belly yet. We went up to the hospital and saw her and she is absolutely beautiful! Congrats to the new parents! So excited to play with her and look after her. We are going to be good friends!

Had to celebrate with a cookie cake

Eating her first bottle

Beautiful Mom and Baby!

Daddy holding her

Daddy showing off his swaddling skills. I guess he got some practice with me.

Me and Mommy holding Ellie

Wally and Ellie

Sign on the door. I just love it!