Friday, May 18, 2012

Last day of school and end of the year program

Can't believe school is out for the summer.  I am actually one of the few people that is sad about this.  I absolutely loved school this year.  My teacher was amazing and I had a wonderful classmates.  My parents are friends with several of the parents of the friends in my class.  My mom actually took care of 2 of the kids when they were born and my dad took care of the parents of another friend in my class when they had to have surgery.  My mom is a little sad that we all may be split up next year, but what a great way to start school off.  Here is a picture of my first and last day of school so you can see how much I have grown over the year.

Last day of school

First day of school

The day after the last day of school, we had our end of the year program and I got to see everyone one last time.

Me and Mrs. Bree.  Maybe I will see her on the playground next year.
Me and a few of my friends

Here are a couple of videos from the program

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