Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music and Make-up

I am still into all my music. I am trying to be a little diverse and include multiple talents. I can now sing, dance, play the guitar, and am now playing the drums! To help with all my future performances my Aunt RaRa is teaching me how to apply make-up correctly. She is a Mary Kay Consultant so knows the correct ways to put on make up.

Here is the final result. Don't I just look beautiful?

Showing off my incredibly long eyelashes!

Here are some recent videos I have been working on. Hope you enjoy!
The first one you can really hear my country accent I have developed. In the second, you can see my passion when I close my eyes to sing.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance Class!

I started my dance class this week. It is a ballet/tap combo class. I love dressing up like a ballerina and love making noise with my tap shoes. I did cry for a minute when Mommy had to leave, but ended up having a fantastic time. I asked Mommy if I could go back sometime and she said I get to go every week. I am so excited!

Little Ballerina

From 2010-09-09

From 2010-09-09

Actually sitting still and listening in class.
From 2010-09-09

Going into the dance studio like a big girl!
From 2010-09-09

New Camera and the Zoo!

Mommy has really been wanting a new camera and she finally got it Monday. I am not so excited because I kinda get tired of taking pictures. Luckily, we went to the Zoo Tuesday and Mommy got to try out her new camera on some animals instead of just me.

Me and Daddy watching the monkeys!

Crazy monkey!
A giant ant eater, crazy looking!

It was hot and sunny, but I still enjoyed the day with Mommy and Daddy
This actually may have been my favorite animal. It is called a grey-winged trumpeter, he was very interested in us and would follow us back and forth along the cage. They are actually used as "watch dogs" in South America because the make a loud trumpet warning sound hence the name.
I liked all the reptiles as well, I never really paid much attention to them at the zoo until now.

The tiger is one of Mommy's favorites. They are so pretty!

The rooster was cool and actually let me pet him!

Mommy was scared the llama was going to spit at us.

I love being able to pet all the goats

Of course I had to have a conversation with this lamb! You know I will talk to anyone or anything that will listen.

I wanted to pretend to be a lion.

Me and Daddy had to get a picture with Big Al before leaving. Roll Tide!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

McWane Center, Tea Party, and Pump It Up!

We went to the McWane Center with some friends last week. I had a blast playing with everyone.

Playing volleyball on the big screen, it was actually pretty hard.

Going for a bike ride with Gavin

Me and Addison pulling really hard

Addison is such a cutie!

Me and Lillian had a tea party! We are playing better and better together!

At the store getting things for the tea party.

Dressed up

Lillian setting up the tea party

Actually sitting down enjoying the tea party!

Me and Lillian also went to Pump It Up last week! I just love that place!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best Season of the Year!

Football Season!!!

Fall isn't so bad itself! I love the cooler weather and the getting together with friends for the game. If somehow you don't know, we are huge ALABAMA fans! ROLL TIDE!! All day Saturday I was saying, "I want to go see BAMA!" Can't wait for some of the bigger games!

Look at this huge smile on my face before the game!
Me and Mommy in our Alabama outfits

Me and Daddy ready for the game

Me and Mommy sitting on my lucky couch

Watching the game

Showing off my elephant hair bow