Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today we went to lunch with Mrs. Kylie, baby Jackson, Mrs. Britney, and Lillian. Baby Jackson is so cute. He is almost 3 months old. He stayed awake for lunch, but was very quite and sweet. I liked playing with his little toes. After lunch, Mommy and Mrs. Britney took me and Lillian to Barnes and Noble to play. We had fun with the train table and all the books. Can't wait for Lillian's Birthday party Saturday!
Mrs. Kylie and me

Jackson, isn't he a cutie. He is ready for a kiss in this picture.

Talking to Lillian

Some parallel play

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend we had to say goodbye to my great grandmother, "Mimi." She passed away last weekend. I love you Mimi and we will miss you. We had to make the trip to Pineville, Louisianna, which is a 7 hour drive. Mommy said I was so good in the car even though I was awake the majority of the time. We watched videos and played. In fact, Mommy said I was a little angel all weekend. I slept good at the hotel and was in a good mood most of the time. We stayed in a hotel for 2 nights. It had an indoor pool and hot tub which was fun. We also went to the park in Pineville and played where my mom and aunt use to play. I really liked the slide and the swing. I kept saying "weeee" as I swung and slid. Saturday was all the funeral proceedings and I mostly stayed out of the way and played with my cousin Colten. We had a lot of fun playing together, and I got to practise sharing. After everything we drove to Baton Rouge and stayed with Mr. Chico and Mrs. Anne. I got to play some with Jack Sunday morning. After that, we went to Mandeville to see Memaw and my Great Aunt Fran. They had a yummy lunch for us and then we had to leave for the 5 hour trip home. It was really great to see everyone even though it was under sad circumstances.

Helping Mom with the laundry before we left
Me and Colten putting our heads together to figure out this whole sharing thing.
I think he may have been a little upset that I was taking his toy

Sharing, Yay!

Removing clothing items and getting comfortable. I took off my bow and that is Colten's shoe on the ground.

Taking apart the furniture. I think we could get into to some real trouble together.

I think Colten may have forgot I was a little girl for a moment and was being a little rough and tumble, but that's ok I was having fun too.

Me and Mommy in the hot tub. It was just like a big bath tub.

Playing at the park in Pineville.

Watching the train at Mr. Chico's and Mrs. Ann's. Dad was proud I do have the tiniest bit of boy in me. Can you tell who they cheer for at that house?

Mommy, Memaw, and I. She kept calling me a little doll and really loved my little nose.

Aunt Fran, Mommy and I after lunch. Thanks for everything.Paw paw, Aunt Fran and I playing with mardi gras beads. Thanks Aunt Fran for my beads.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we just had to spend it outside! We picked up Grandma and headed to Aldridge Gardens. I got to play in the grass and see some geese. We then went to the park, where I swung and played on the slides and seesaw. I was then exhausted and took a nap at Grandma's. What a great day, I really can't wait for it to stay warm so we can do more outdoor activities.

I am now walking better, but mostly just when I am chasing Dakota or "Da" and not thinking about it. I like to try and sing the Alphabet Song and know where the "Y" goes and will interject it there and call it the ACs. I am also now saying "No Way!, what, and Okay." I also enjoy pretending to talk on the phone, I say "hello" and "um, what, yeah, etc." then say "bye" and throw the phone down. I guess that is about all my new things.

Being sassy before leaving for the day

Very excited on the car ride
Outside by our fence, playing with DaSitting on a bench like a big girl. Mom said it looks like a school photo.Playing in the beautiful flowersPlaying peek-a-boo behind a bench

On the swingon the seesaw