Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am loving my cereal and oatmeal. I got my first taste of green beans last night. I wasn't so sure about them a first, but it turns out they are pretty good. Mom and Dad just can't get the food to my mouth fast enough. They did put together a new toy for my that my great grandmother gave me. It is a little big for me, but is a lot of fun and I know will be even more fun once I grow into it. I am looking forward to this weekend when my great uncle and some family friends come to visit.

My new toy

Sitting up well with some help form my boppy

Lots of drool

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I had a very busy day today. Mom had a conference and Dad was in class, so I went to Grandma's for the morning. My Great Grandmother and a friend came over to see me and I talked a lot for them. My parents then picked me up and took me to the doctor for my 4 month check-up. That was no fun. I had to get 4 shots!! I did good though. I now weigh 14lb 2oz and I am 24 inches long. I also got the ok to start eating some cereal and then some baby food, this is very exciting. I got my first taste of cereal tonight. It is kinda hard to get the hang of eating with a spoon but Mommy and Daddy said I did really well for my first feeding. I did make quite a mess.
My first cereal feeding. YUM!!!
I kinda had a melt-down at my Grandparents house Sunday.Pawpaw fixed it and helped me go to sleep.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mommy is feeling much better. She had the middle of the week off work, so we have been having some fun. Yesterday, we met Dad for lunch, shopped for a while, then I got to see Grandma and Pawpaw, and then we went to dinner with a friend. It was a busy day but I was very good and had a great time. Today is my aunt's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT ROBYN!!!!! I have been playing while Mom was trying to clean up. She goes back to work tomorrow, so Daddy and I will have the weekend together.

Fun playing like a big girl

Ready for the sun