Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First of all, ROLL TIDE! I am so excited football season is here. Saturday was so much fun at Uncle Mike's and Aunt Emily's house. Can't wait for all the games.

Weekend before last, we had a 1st Birthday party at the Gardendale Splash Pad for a friend of my dad's baby. I love water, so this was a blast.

Well, I guess that is most of the major events lately. Only other thing is that I have been a little clingy with Mommy lately. I don't like her to leave and I follow her around everywhere. I do try to help her out around the house. I like to "clean up" and watch her cook. She occasionally lets me help cook, like the other day when we made cornbread. Now if you give me a bowl and spoon I say "stir it up" and give it a stir. I guess that is it. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and once again ROLL TIDE!

In my Alabama gear
Stirring it up

Riding out to the Splash Pad, having a little snack along the way with my baby.

Enjoying some pizza at the party.

Me and Mommy playing in the water

Just splashing around

Me and Daddy shooting the big water gun.