Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tully, Park, and Chips

Sunday we went to meet little Tully. He is Ms. Shelley's new puppy. He is so cute.
So sweet!

Me watching him sleep.

Me just being silly while Tully was sleeping.
Mommy took me to the park last week. We had so much fun but it was really hot. To cool us off we went and go some cold drinks from Sonic afterwards.

Climbing up to the slide.

My new favorite snack is potato chips, yes I know very healthy. I like to get them out of the bag myself.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

OK, so I know I am a little late but Happy Father's Day to my Daddy, my Grandfathers, and all Fathers.

Me and my Daddy

Me and Pawpaw
Me and Pop

Me being goofy with my homemade hat

Me in my smock getting ready to make some Father's Day presents.

Having fun making the presents. Yay for finger paints!

Final Product.
We went to a wedding Saturday. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sims! I had a great time.
Me and Mommy at the wedding.
Me dancing even though there wasn't any music. I just love to dance. I also loved the bubbles.The centerpieces were live goldfish. I thought that was so neat.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Post Haircut Pics

So here is my new hairdo. Mom thinks my bangs may be a little long, but she was scared they would cut them too short. I like it because I can see better and I don't have hair falling in my mouth.

Dancing to somthing on the computer

Back view

Sick of taking pictures

1st Haircut and Animals at the Library

Well, we have been having request for some haircut pics, so here they are. Sorry we have been rather busy and our internet was not working yesterday. Mommy hasn't really taken any good after pictures because my hair was wet right afterward and we just haven't gotten around to it, she said she will post some later this week. We went to Sweet and Sassy for my 1st haircut last Wednesday. It is a very fun and princess-like place. Maybe I will have a birthday party there in the future.

Thursday we went over to the Trussville Library where T&N Acres brought in some baby animals. They brought a lot of animals and some that I have never seen, we even got to pet some of them. They brought a baby snake, alligator, albino kangaroo, hedgehog, wild cat, lemur, honey bear (kinkajou), and sheep. I love animals!
Playing on the big couch at Sweet and Sassy before my haircut

Being sweet for my haircut

Needed a little distraction

Having trouble finding my hands

Petting the sheep

Petting the wild cat

The baby albino Kangaroo

The honey bear

The lemur

The hedge hog

A better view of the wild cat

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bass Pro Shop

Haven't really been doing too much around here. Daddy was actually out of school last week, so he stayed home with me while Mommy worked extra. It was nice playing with my daddy all week.
Yesterday, Me and Mommy went and met Pawpaw and Grandma at the big Bass Pro Shop in Leeds. It was fun to see all the fish and stuffed animals.

Pawpaw, me and the Big Bear

Me, Pawpaw and the Black Bear

Playing in the Kid's tree house, peeking underneath

Trying to find Pawpaw in the tent

Looking at the fish

Playing in my pool at homePracticing my bubble blowing skills