Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day we got invited to the lake!! It was awesome!  We got to ride on a boat, eat lunch at pirate island, and go tubing.  I did fall off the tube and into the water one time with daddy.  I was a little scared but had my life jacket on.  After I got over it and realized it was ok, I got back in the tube.  So fun!  A big thanks to the Lombardo's for having us.

Me and my friends on the boat

Me and daddy tubing

Double tubing with friends.  I am the one with the green puddle jumper on in the yellow tub.  We had to have an adult to ride on the gray/blue tube.

The  Lombardo's also had us over a few weeks ago for outdoor movie night.  We went last year and watched Tangled. This year we watched Despicable Me. So fun! After the movie, they turned on some music and we had a dance party. The police ended up showing up.  I thought they came to fix the music, but mommy said it was because we were too loud. All the adults thought it was hilarious that the cops showed up to a little kids party. Here are just a couple of clips from the party. 


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