Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's new at the Zoo?


Yes, I know most zoo's have elephants, but the Birmingham Zoo just got a new African exhibit with new elephants. I really liked them, but the Zebra is still my favorite. We had a great day at the zoo with Mrs. Holly, Gavin, Addison, Mrs. Mary, and Laci. We all loved the animals, but may have liked the water area even better.


Playing the drums

Gavin holding my hand while watching the Giraffe

Fun in the water!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Easter is such a fun and wonderful holiday! We have been celebrating for over a week now. I have become a pro at finding eggs. Here are a few pictures from some of the hunts I have participated in.

Have to wear my sunglasses outside.

The Easter Bunny was really good to me this year. He brought me all the princess barbies! I love them. He even brought me things to both of my grandparent's houses.

Repunzel may be my favorite.

I even got me my own Repunzel hair at Lolli and Pop's

Cooper wasn't as amused by them.

We also got to dye some eggs. It was fun, but I think I may have blue fingers for days.

Our final product. Do you like the smiley face daddy made?

We then knocked eggs at E-Maw and Pawpaw's.

I had the winning egg.

So much fun!

Me and Cooper were exhausted and decided to take a nap together.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashion Show and Movie Night!

Saturday I got to be a model in a fashion show for Belk! I was so excited and have been practicing my walk for a couple of weeks. Everyone came to see me and they all said I did a wonderful job. Maybe I will get to do it again soon. Later that night, we went over to a friends house for movie night. They have an outdoor movie screen and played Tangled for everyone! It was so fun and cool to watch a movie outside.

Here are a few pics from the fashion show. I went and picked out the dress with mommy, do you like it?

Little attitude in this one

Blowing a kiss

Here is a video of my walk. I tend to focus on making sure my hands are posed correctly, but overall do a great job.

Playing in the back yard before it was dark enough for the movie to start. Check out how I am in the air in this one.

Laughing and sitting with my friends watching Tangled.

Enjoying a popsicle with the movie.