Thursday, January 29, 2009

McWane Center

Yesterday was so great! We went to the McWane Center for the first time. Mrs. Britney and Lillian came with us. They had so many neat things to do. Mom said we would have to go back a lot especially as I got older. I liked playing at the water station probably the best. I also liked the giant piano, the shadow games, the push in needle thing, and seeing all the under water animals. I can't wait to go back!
When Mom told me we were going to the McWane Center

Me and Lillian playing with our shadows and butterflies
Trying to catch the butterflies

Really cool octopus

Watching them feed the eel

Liked the big fish

Didn't really weigh enough to make the keys light up, but fun anyway

I loved the water station, can't wait for warm weather and the pool

Waving at people below from the play house window

These needle things were so neat

Visit from the cousins

Sunday before last, my cousins Hunter, Andrea, and Colten came to visit us. Mommy forgot her camera, so we borrowed some pics from Colten's blog (thanks guys). We had so much fun. Colten is just a few months younger then me. Mommy said I need to work on my sharing skills a bit since I tend to take toys from him and others when we play. I also didn't like it too much when Mommy or Grandma held Colten. I guess I get a little jealous and I am not ready for a sibling anytime soon. Thanks for coming to see us, come again soon.
I was ok if mommy was holding both of us

"Hey, that looks like something I want!"Just crawling around

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not much really going on here. Mommy had a bad headache monday and was sick. She felt better yesterday. We went to lunch and shopping with Mrs. Britney and Lillian. I had so much fun talking and playing with Lillian. Mommy tried a new hairstyle on me, she called it pigtails. She told me to thank Mrs. Jessica for suggesting that my hair would be long enough for them now. I thought they looked very cute. Mom at first thought I looked like a bug with antenna. They grew on her after a little while. Daddy thought they were super adorable.
Like my pigtails?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know it is a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! We celebrated the new year with some friends. Of course I was asleep as they all rung in the new year, but I had fun with everyone before bedtime. I have also been having fun with all my new toys and have been very stylish in all my new clothes I got for my Birthday and Christmas. Dakota still has the talent of making me laugh the most and I call her Da. "No" has become one of my new favorite words and my parents can't believe I have hit that stage already. I bet this year will be full of many changes and milestones. Again, Happy New Year!
In my New Year outfit
Let's celebrate
One of my stylish outfits. Like my headband?

Flower Child

Ok so my hair is a little long, but I think it goes with the whole flower child theme.

Playing with one of my new toys