Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Present

Saturday me and Mommy went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Ford's house. I had a blast playing with everyone and hunting eggs. Mommy couldn't believe how good I was at hunting and collecting eggs in my basket. The eggs had some great prizes inside, thanks Mrs. Allison. I also loved playing in the blow-up ball pit they had at the house. I didn't really want to share it, but it was fun once I did. I hope my parents will get me one for my house.

I did get an early Easter present. I got a awesome Barbie 4 wheeler. I have been driving it around the house even though Mom doesn't really think it is an indoor toy. I love to chase Dakota with it. Can't wait for Easter to see what else I get!
Collecting my 1st egg!
Looking to see how Taylor is doing
Getting the hang of it

Look at Taylor with all those eggs!

Lillian helping me out

Showing Lillian all the eggs we collected

All of us kids playing in the house

We all noticed the camera now

Me checking out the blow-up ball pit

Excited I got in. The static made my hair stand straight up!

Throwing the balls out
Me and Lillian discussing the idea of sharing the ball pit

I decided it was a good idea to share

We even read in the ball pit

Me and my Barbie 4 wheeler

I got distracted by this flower and decided to give it to Mommy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This has been an animal week around here. First with the petting zoo Friday and then today we went to the zoo. I had a great day with Lillian, Mrs. Britney, and Ms. Mandy.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my 15 month checkup. I had to get 2 shots that I wasn't so happy about. I have only gained 7 oz since my 1 year checkup and am now 21lb 3oz, that puts me in the 25th percentile. I have grown 1 1/2 inches and am now 31 inches, putting me in the 7oth percentile. My parents are not surprised that I am on the small size considering their size, but still aren't sure where I get my height from. Maybe I will be a little taller then Mommy one day.

Zoo Pictures

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oak Mountain

Today Daddy was off work so we had a family outing. We went to Oak Mountain. I loved the petting zoo and seeing all the animals. I went baaaa at the sheep and quack quack at everything else even though they don't make that sound. We also went over to the beach and it was my first time in the sand. I had a blast. I really hope we get to go to the real beach this summer. I am just loving this warm weather. Last night we went over to Grandma and Pawpaw's. We had a lot of fun. I had pawpaw laughing so hard he was crying. I can say Pawpaw, Ra Ra (Aunt Robyn), more, drink, milk, and your welcome now also. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
Me and the pony

Sitting with the baby goats
Talking to the baby goat
Petting the sheep

Our favorite Goat

He was the friendliest goat

Petting the big goat

Petting the little goat

The white sheep all together.

The black sheep all alone, ha ha

Uncle Wally's favorite farm animal, the pigmy goat.

Our favorite donkey with his collar on.
Peacock spreading its feathers on the barn

Fun at the beach in the sand!

Fun with Paw paw!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luckily, I never did get sick. My parents were very relieved.

I have been walking all over the place and actually trying to run sometimes, especially when chasing Dakota. I love going outside now that it is a little warmer. Can't wait for the pool this summer. My top phrases are probably bye bye, see you and here you go. I still say thank you a lot also. I love to try and sing, and was singing in the tub this morning. I was singing to the top of my lungs "BABY, YEAH" and clapping of course. Mommy thought it was funny to style my hair in the tub. You can really tell how long my hair is. We keep debating on getting it cut, but Mom and Dad don't think I will really sit there for someone to cut it. I have been learning to feed myself with utensils. I haven't quite perfected it yet, but Mom and Dad said I am doing pretty good. I go back to the doctor next week, so check back to see how much I have grown.
Bath hair do
Feeding myself with a spoon

Oh, forget it my hands are so much easier!

I will hold on to the spoon, but my fingers work just as well